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Step by Step Guide on How to Play Music Instruments

Learning and knowing how to play music instruments is an enjoyable thing for someone who loves music. There are lots of instruments you can choose to play. The key is that you need to find the one thing that interest you the most and / or the one you really love so it won't give you a hard time studying and learning how to play it.

In case you want to know how to play music instruments, this article gives you a step by step guide to start learning to play the instrument that you love. They are :-

  • Decide. You must first decide whether you'll start learning to play an instrument. Deciding can be as simple as picking your favorite instrument somewhere, probably in a friend's house, etc.
  •  Instrument. You can buy, rent, or just borrow one from someone close to you. You have to choose one that's attractive and something you can really afford. Also consider the price. Avoid using ones that are too cheap or too expensive.
  •  Look for a room where you can store your instrument. Place it where you spend your leisure time or  in a place where you can see it very often. The place should be accessible so you can pick it up anytime you want to play it. That will eventually let you play every minute you have when you are not busy doing anything.
  • Listen to sounds that you like. You can always experiment on new sounds and focus on a few rhythms that interest you. Do something you like over and over again and try to remember it next time.
  • Study some basic things about music. Having some knowledge about chords and scales can widen your musical imagination. You can ask your friend to show you some simple chords or you can also search for it online.
  • Take some music lessons. You can learn to play instruments professionally by taking some lessons. You will learn more techniques and learn fast if you seek the help of a music teacher.
  • Play with someone. It is always enjoyable if you get to play with a family, friend, or special someone. This will also help you stay in time and can introduce you to new ways of playing an instrument.
  • Passionately play your music. No matter what your song is all about, you must always play it passionately. Make sure you give your heart and soul when playing so listen and you will feel exactly what you feel in the song. If ever you find it hard to do that, just imagine that you are telling a story through your music.
  • Practice makes it perfect. You can start by aiming to play for 30 minutes a day and as you get better, increase your time gradually. You will successfully learn how to play music instruments if you practice very often because practice really does make everything perfect.
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