Friday, 29 March 2013

Primal Scream reveal all about new album

Primal Scream have gone back to basics their eighth studio album.Recalling the -influenced sounds of their mid-90s efforts, singer Bobby Gillespie and his band have turned their back on the sonic experimentations of recent albums, and instead rely on a gonzo live sound approach.
“I think we’re one of the best live bands in the world and I wanted to capture that,” Gillespie told NME.COM of the shift in styles. “The last two albums we’ve been loops and drum machines, for this record we wrote euphoric rock n roll songs and I wanted to capture that euphoria and I think we did it. It was a great time making it, fucking great!”

The raw approach has triggered speculation the band have fallen out with My Bloody Valentine mainman and recent collaborator Kevin Shields – and even Primal Scream themselves are currently unsure of the situation.“What people need to understand is that Kevin only played with us live,” explained Gillespie. “He mixed a lot of songs but he never played guitar on the albums, people think he was playing on records but he was playing live. Is Shields still involved? I don’t know, he didn’t play at the last gig in Glasgow three weeks ago. He never made that gig because he was working on a Sophia Coppola movie, so I don’t really know.”Tracks set to appear on the album include 'Nitty Gritty’, ‘Boogie Disease’ and forthcoming single 'Country Girl' (due out May 22).

With the album mixed by Oasis producer Dave Sardy in Los Angeles – bringing the album in at a cool 20 days – guests include Alison Mosshart from The Kills who sings backing vocals, Echo And The Bunnymen guitarist Will Sergeant and Nick Cave collaborator Warren Ellis who “plays fiddle” on ‘Hell’s Coming Down’.Currently the untitled album is due out on June 5, with Primal Scream due to play several festivals this summer.

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Nicki Minaj Threatens That No ‘Idol’ Contestant Will Get The Judges’ Save This Year

On "American Idol's" top 10 results show, Nicki Minaj made it abundantly clear that she'd wanted to use the Judges' Save on her favorite male singer of Season 12, Curtis Finch Jr. But since the use of the one Save of the season must be a unanimous decision, and the judges weren't in agreement that week (are they ever?), Curtis went home in 10th place. Back then, Nicki complained on the air that she wished she'd had more time to debate the matter with her castmates, and she even said she would quit the show if Curtis left.

Fast-forward two weeks later, and Nicki is of course still on "Idol." And the Save still hasn't been used on any contestant--not even on this week's talented castoff, Devin Velez, despite Mariah Carey's teary-eyed reaction to Devin's elimination and Ryan Seacrest's disappointed gasp of "wow!" when he learned that the judges weren't going to save Devin. And now it seems like Nicki wants to make sure the Judges' Save never gets used, since it wasn't given to her favorite contestant--if her recent angry tweets are anything to go by.

"If Curtis didn't get SAVED, NONE of u get saved! Best male voice of the SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!" Nicki tweeted Friday, implying that every Judges' Save deliberation will end in deadlock from now on. Nicki also dismissed the entire notion of the Save, saying, "America r the 'potential' fans...u MUST win them over. 'Saves' are bulls*** and they know it. Those girls are just too good this year."

Most of Nicki's irate Twitter comments actually seemed directed right at Devin, presumably because he defended himself in the press after Nicki blasted his group performance this week with Burnell Taylor and Lazaro Arbos (who also landed in the bottom three). Devin even told one reporter that Mariah had said it was the "wrong decision" not to save him--one of several comments that may have gotten back to Nicki and stirred her wrath.

"Lol. Be mad @ AMERICA when u get sent home. The JUDGES are the ones who FOUGHT for America to get the opp to VOTE 4 U!!!…Send the judges some flowers and a card…Trust me BEW BEW. If EYE didn't want u in that TOP, YOU wldnt have been in that TOP. Fought for ALL of you. So just simply b gracious," Nicki ranted on Twitter.

Devin later tweeted, "That moment when an adult stoops down to the 3rd grade level... LOL grow up Hun, I've got songs to write. :) #movingforward"--though it wasn't entirely clear if the "Hun" in question was Nicki.

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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Singer Michelle Shocked sits in at canceled show

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (AP) — Face covered and mouth taped shut, alternative folk and rock singer Michelle Shocked staged a sit in outside a Santa Cruz nightclub that canceled her show because she made an anti-gay slur at a San Francisco club earlier this month.

The tape across her mouth said "Silenced By Fear." When asked a question, Shocked shook her head vigorously and strummed her guitar while seated on the ground outside popular music venue Moe's Alley. She pointed to a sign inviting people to pick up a Sharpie marker and write on the white disposable safety suit she was wearing.

Earlier in the day, she had tweeted her plans: "Moe's in S Cruz tonight ok? Its an art project 'My Summer Vacation' I want your autograph. Bring Sharpie."

Moe's Alley owner Bill Welch, who talked with Shocked as she strummed her guitar outside his club, had replaced her with bands Beaver Fever and Frootie Flavors.

"We will not be bashing Michelle Shocked," he said. "Rather we will celebrate music, diversity and send some healing Santa Cruz energy her way."

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Motown Songwriter Deke Richards Dead at 68, Soulja Boy's Fans Scold Him Over Sizzurp & More

Motown songwriter Deke Richards, who penned hits like the Jackson 5's "ABC" and "I Want You Back" with production team the Corporation, has died of esophageal cancer. He was 68. [RollingStone]

Today is also the 18th anniversary of Eazy-E's death. Check out a documentary that just dropped about his life, and pay respect to a G. [YouTube]

Soulja Boy's fans have scolded him for continuing to post sizzurp photos on Instagram, in the wake of Lil Wayne's alleged syrup-related health care. [VladTV]

This is a video of up-and-comer Chance the Rapper's stay in Mexico, where he did acid and shot a video about it. Looks fun. [YouTube]

This, on the other hand, is a video for "Hello," a new song by Will Smith's son, Jaden Smith. [Complex]

Check out street artist Jay Shells' new project, coupling rap lyric-laden signs with the geographical locations that inspired them. Pretty ill. [YouTube]

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Online Music Degrees, Aspiring Music Career is very Competitive in the World of Music

In the competitive world of music, online music degrees enhance your music career passion to learn the art and skill of becoming a music professional in the musicology field. You should join a growing community of musicians so that you can understand the path of music career that is going to be very tough day by day. Online music degrees have great significance in building your career successful and shining, you should have excellent music performance to appear ahead in the world of music. Today, online music degrees basically depend upon the music performance that is the best art of producing lovely songs and the ability and skill to creating fashionable songs.

Online music education system in India is considered most successful and surprising music education system in all over the world, that is offered by Recognized universities and institutes. Mostly, these music schools have an excellent art and fine art background to earn music reputation globally. Online music degrees are offered by these music schools highly in demand in top level music organizations, which can help you to become the next big name in the music industry. But online accounting degrees and aeronautical degrees are also most preferred career options for accountant and aeronautical degree jobs, you can have capability to grow your career with high growth and development.

A career as a music composer or director may be great achievement and success in the world of music. Now days, music industries are hiring those students, who have high capability and knowledge with online music degrees. Most popular schools and colleges are considered online music degrees and offering entry as music teacher where you can get your dream job suiting your desires and talent skills. There are also online certificate courses of music in India, which are offered by recognized colleges and universities. To get online music degree is not easy from recognized universities and colleges, but online certificate courses of music are also offered by these music colleges and universities. Millions of students from foreign countries come to India to study music education because Indian music education system is liked too much by whole world. Today, online music education is getting more popularity among youths, who are very eager to build career in music filed.

Online degree in music can help you in developing their high skills and knowledge related to music and even in performing. The cost of getting a course and program is proven to be cheaper compared to traditional means of education. Indeed, there are a lot of music courses and online Spanish degrees that are offered in India by recognized colleges and universities. Without online music degrees, your music career may be impossible, because online music degrees are considered by top level music organizations. These online music degrees are very helpful and beneficial to grow your career globally, but to achieve this goal is very tough and competitive. If you have strong determination, definitely you can get brilliant success and great achievement of your life.

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Singer Dionne Warwick files for bankruptcy

(Reuters) - Grammy Award-winning singer Dionne Warwick has filed for bankruptcy in New Jersey, citing tax liabilities she has attributed to financial mismanagement, her publicist said on Monday.

Warwick, 72, known for "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?" and other popular songs, filed the petition on March 21 in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New Jersey, the state where she was born and currently lives. She listed total assets of $25,500 and total liabilities of more than $10.7 million, nearly all tax claims by the Internal Revenue Service and the state of California, according to the filing.

The personal bankruptcy filing was due to "negligent and gross financial mismanagement" in the late 1980s through mid-1990s, Warwick's publicist, Kevin Sasaki, said in a statement.

The IRS and California tax claims total more than $10.2 million, mostly from the 1990s, according to the petition, which listed Warwick's average monthly income as $20,950 and expenses at $20,940.

Sasaki said the actual back taxes owed had already been paid, but the penalties and interest has continued to accrue.

"In light of the magnitude of her tax liabilities, Warwick has repeatedly attempted to offer re-payment plans and proposals to the IRS and the California Franchise Tax Board for taxes owed," Sasaki said. "These plans were not accepted, resulting in escalating interest and penalties."

A five-time Grammy winner, Warwick took her first in 1968 for "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?" and her second two years later for the album "I'll Never Fall in Love Again."

(Reporting by David Bailey in Minneapolis; Editing by Lisa Shumaker)

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Dress in white for Psy, rapper tells fans

SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korean rapper Psy wants his fans to turn up in white at his April concert where he will launch a new song that he hopes will cement the success of his "Gangnam Style" Youtube hit.

"See this pic and let's be white on 0413", Psy tweeted on his @psy_oppa Twitter feed on Wednesday, referring to the April 13 concert to be held in the South Korean capital of Seoul.

The chubby rapper, who shot to fame with over a billion Youtube hits in 2012, subsequently poses in a variety of white clothing, ranging from a spacesuit to tennis whites and even a bridal gown and skimpy figure-skating dress.

His stylist says the 35-year old is more likely to reprise a concert style based on the suit used in "Gangnam Style" than anything more racy.

Psy has not yet revealed what song he will release.

(Reporting By Jane Chung, Editing by Elaine Lies and Michael Perry)

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Monday, 25 March 2013

Exclusive Dido Chats About Motherhood, Kendrick Lamar, and Returning After a 5-Year Hiatus

The singer with the voice to ease the wildest of beasts has returned as radiant as ever. English chanteuse Dido has embarked another adventure for her fourth album Girl Who Got Away, dropping in the U.S. this week, after herself getting away for close to five years since her last album, 2008's Safe Trip Home.

While we may have not heard much from the singer in recent years, she had been slowly working on her latest album, gradually releasing new songs via the internet and on film soundtracks. Most notably, her song "If I Rise" with A.R. Rahman was nominated for the "Best Song" Academy Award for the 127 Hours soundtrack in 2010. But the biggest life change Dido for was that she gave birth to her first child Stanley (no relation to the Eminen track "Stan" that featured her vocals) in 2011 with husband Rohan Gavin.

Dido's new album is as rich and ethereally transporting as you can imagine, with standout tracks like the disco-y "Love To Blame" (that's just itching for a dance floor banger remix), her collaboration with hip-hop's next superstar Kendrick Lamar for her song "Let Us Move On", and her single "No Freedom" that evokes an ever-so-slightly Bob Marley-esque brand of liberation. She's held onto the sound that made her a star, but the evolution in her songwriting is apparent and she hasn't missed a step.

The stunning Dido (really, she looks downright flawless in person) sat down with Yahoo! Music recently to talk about recording Girl Who Got Away with her brother, motherhood, hip-hop, her least favorite dessert, and indulges us in some word association. Enjoy!

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The Music Industry: The World Of Music Is Brought Closer To Us By Technology

Advances in technologies has made our lives considerably simpler and using the new developments in engineering, not simply is life acquiring a lot more simpler but technological innovation is continuing to create considerably more differences in our lives by contributing to different spheres. One such example is in the area of entertainment. With all the world wide web all this has now come to our really doorstep and even into our bedrooms at just the click with the mouse.

Within the early days, if you wish to listen to a song, at the very least a stop by to your regional music store was needed and seeing a video meant watching the band perform at a single of their concerts or gaining a music video from the music store. Now anytime you wish to listen to some fantastic music or watch a music video, just log on to the Online and you can listen to your favourite songs or watch music videos inside the comfort of your own dwelling. There's just no need to have any longer to venture out as a way to delight in these entertainments. Technologies is in a position to bring every little thing you desire correct into your home or workplace.

There is certainly very good news for all music lovers . Now with online engineering , music fans can not only listen to their favourite artists but also watch totally free lyrics. All the songs are out there at just a click although sitting within the comfort of the residence. Not merely are you able to now listen to songs but also watch song lyrics and sing along with the lyrics.

World wide web is actually a globe of choices for all music lovers and delivers you with all the information along with the latest happenings within the music globe. You'll be able to get as much as date on all music news as well as the existing hits on the US leading 20 or the singles charts. The music web pages present you the flexibility of watching your favourite stars totally uninterrupted (no cost from all the hosts) . This is also a legal solution to watch music unlike employing pirated versions .

Not simply the music enthusiasts, but also the music businesses have realized the prospective of the net as a fantastic marketing tool for promoting their music. You can not merely watch music videos but also rate music videos online. This would be helpful to the other members in producing a selection on their watches and also gives you a very good feedback to the music organizations regarding the alternatives or preferences of the fans.

The music internet sites hence, deliver you access to a complete planet of music experiences that place you in control. It is possible to choose on what you want and bring it household with just a click. You could then listen to the music of the alternative or watch music videos at your own convenience and also rewind and see your favourite music videos over and more than once again. The world of music is now waiting for you to explore and soak in all that you could. Just log on and you can venture into this attractive melodious globe and be lost inside the tunes and rhythms of your favourite stars.

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Rock band My Chemical Romance break up after 12 years

(Reuters) - Alternative rock group My Chemical Romance announced on their website on Friday that they were calling it quits after 12 years.

The punk-popsters from New Jersey had played together since 2001, recording four studio albums and notching up an international hit with "Welcome to the Black Parade" in 2006.

In a statement, they said being in the band "has been a true blessing" that allowed them "to see and experience things we never imagined possible".

"We've shared the stage with people we admire, people we look up to, and best of all, our friends. And now, like all great things, it has come time for it to end."

The group thanked fans for their support and "for being part of the adventure".

(Reporting by Tim Gaynor; Editing by Pravin Char)

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Kristen Stewart, One Direction win twice at Kids Choice Awards

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Green slime spewed furiously at the Kids Choice Awards on Saturday, where "Twilight Saga" star Kristen Stewart and British boy band One Direction won two awards apiece.

Stewart, 22, escaped the slime but plunged her hands into the green goo, saying she "felt like I have finally found my kindergartner self," as she accepted trophies for movie actress and favorite female butt kicker.

Organizers said more than 350 million votes were cast online in more than 20 categories, spanning film, television, books, music and sport for the stunt-filled annual award show on youth channel Nickelodeon.

Hosted by "Transformers" actor Josh Duhamel, who is married to singer Fergie, the show in Los Angeles featured performances by Pitbull and Christina Aguilera, as well as Ke$ha.

Johnny Depp and Katy Perry accepted orange blimp-shaped trophies for favorite female singer and movie actor respectively and both stars had words of wisdom for the audience of kids and young teens.

"This is such a cool award ... stay safe, stay in school, don't do drugs," Perry told them. Depp said he was "truly honored and humbled. Thank you for what you are, which is the future."

Selena Gomez, 20, the ex-girlfriend of pop star Justin Bieber, took the female TV actress award for her Disney Channel series "Wizards of Waverly Place," even though the show came to an end more than a year ago.

Bieber, who is on tour in Europe, was voted favorite male singer and was among several stars who did not make it to accept their award in person.

No-shows included One Direction, who are also on tour and who won for favorite music group and song for "What Makes You Beautiful," "X Factor" judge Simon Cowell (favorite villain), and Ross Lynch, 17, who was named favorite TV actor for Disney Channel's pop star series "Austin & Ally."

Sandra Bullock, Neil Patrick Harris, Duhamel, Pitbull, Nick Cannon, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and dozens of audience members got covered in slime gushing out from water cannons, presenter's podiums, ceilings, and even the tail of a fake gymnastic horse.

Other awards went to Nickelodeon's "Victorious" for top TV show, "The Hunger Games" for favorite movie, "Wreck-It Ralph" for top animated movie, and race car driver Danica Patrick and basketball player LeBron James for top athletes.

The Kids Choice Awards will be broadcast around the world in more than 25 languages, Nickelodeon said.

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Exclusive! See Clip From All-Star Levon Helm Tribute DVD, Plus Grace Potter Talks About Her ‘Love For Levon’

Levon Helm, the legendary Band member and beloved drummer/rock icon, left us last spring at the age of 71--but, as all legends do, he lives on in the hearts of his fans.

And, in the case of Helm, he had some quite famous fans. A star-studded collective of musicians from all genres gathered in New Jersey last October to pay tribute to Helm--the resulting concert raising money earmarked to keep Helm's Woodstock barn and studio in his family's possession. Some of the names involved included Roger Waters, My Morning Jacket, John Mayer, Joe Walsh, Dierks Bentley, Eric Church, Gregg Allman, Bruce Hornsby, Ray LaMontagne, John Hiatt, Grace Potter, Lucinda Williams, John Prine, Marc Cohn, Jakob Dylan, Joan Osborne, and more.

Fans who were unable to attend the show can now see it in its entirety with the release of the Love For Levon DVD this week. We at Yahoo! Music have an exclusive clip for preview, featuring John Mayer and Ray LaMontagne performing "Tears Of Rage."

We also had the opportunity to talk to Grace Potter, who provided a rendition of the Bob Dylan-penned "I Shall Be Released" for the show. Potter spoke to us about her participation in the event, her history as a Helm fan, and how deeply her heart was in the project overall.

Yahoo! Music: Can you talk about what Levon Helm meant to you personally as a musician?

Grace Potter: Levon was basically one of the reasons that the band became the band--not the Band, the band [the Nocturnals]. Because when we were just getting started, I wasn't really sure what sort of music I was going to make. I was drawn to a more folk-oriented, quiet-sounding setup and more solo work--as most musicians do, they start by themselves. So when Matt, my drummer, presented to me "Let's start a band," I was like, "I dunno."

He said, "Let me just show you what I'm talking about. " And he sat me down and put on The Last Waltz--that opening scene with Levon singing and playing the drums. The energy of the band and the music just absolutely surrounded me, and it sunk in that that was my future. It was truly the look on Levon's face--the joy in all of his performances that really made it clear to me that you can find a career and find joy in doing what you love.

How did you get involved in the Love For Levon tribute specifically?

It's actually a pretty amazing story. [My drummer's] mom actually sent him a clipping from the newspaper--she saw an ad for a Levon Helm tribute concert. Now, keep in mind, she is in her mid-70s and is not, like, up on the whole music scene--she happened to be reading the New York Times, and there happened to be an ad. And she sends us the clipping, and writes this cute little note saying "Shouldn't you guys be a part of this?" We had no idea because we were off on tour and we'd missed the window. And we were freaking out thinking we were going to miss it completely. So we called our management and immediately said "Oh my gosh, we have to be a part of this." And lo and behold, a few days later, my good friend Don Was [who served as musical director for the project] was on the phone, and we were scheming up what kind of contribution we could make.

So, it was all due to your drummer's mom!

The inspiration and the love we feel for Levon was so deep-seated that his mother, who doesn't really know much about the deep wells of rock 'n' roll, picked up on it.

Were you allowed to choose which song you wanted to perform, or did you have some direction on that?

My friends My Morning Jacket were a part of the event as well--we've been buddies for a while, and my initial instinct was: Why don't I just jump in with them. I knew that our whole band wasn't going to be there. So, my first suggestion was, what are they doing? And all the songs they were doing were some of my favorites, but it was already worked out they were going to do it with Roger Waters.

So my next thought...I was thinking about Van Morrison. In The Last Waltz Van Morrison did an unbelievable appearance; he did "Caravan" and it was just mindblowing, tore the house down, sold it for me. So I thought about "Caravan"--because that's very much my personality, the girl who comes out and kicks a bunch of microphones over (laughs). But at the end of the day Don [Was] recalled a YouTube of me performing "I Shall Be Released" by myself under a metal sculpture at Bonnaroo from, like, 2006. He remembered being really intrigued by it. He said "What about that?" I said, "Of course that's my favorite song," but I just assumed one of the bigger artists would have already taken it, or that it would be in the encore and the whole group would have did it, kinda like they did in The Last Waltz. So I just assumed it was out of the question that I would perform that song. It was without a doubt my first choice but I didn't even verbalize it until Don suggested it. So that was pretty amazing.

Can you earmark one moment of the entire event that stood out to you as personally the most important or affecting?

It was definitely the encore, standing next to Mavis Staples and Roger Waters, and looking to one side and looking to the other, and feeling the presence of Levon. It was like he was there. I think we collectively felt that, in that moment, he was smiling so hard. It was probably halfway through "The Weight," right after Mavis's verse, that I just got chills and couldn't stop smiling and just really felt his presence. Very heavy. Very very cool.

And poignant…when Roger Waters got his hat that Levon had given him and hung it on the mic stand, I half expected the hat to just levitate and Levon to materialize. But of course he didn't (laughs).

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Monday, 18 March 2013

Rappers Lil Wayne, DFB Among Celebrities Attending At Static Major Tribute

More than two months after his death, Static Major’s presence on the music scene continues to be felt, as the producer's fellow entertainers gather to pay tribute to his memory and influence.The event, organized by Static Major’s wife Avonti, will take place Sunday (May 4) at the City Block venue in Static Major's hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.Invited celebrity guests include rappers Lil Wayne, Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Dem Franchize Boyz and Pretty Ricky.Static Major died Feb. 25 from complications from a medical procedure.Prior to his passing, the 33-year-old beatmaker was credited for writing a string of hit songs for numerous artists such as Ginuwine ("Pony," "So Anxious," "Same Ol G"), Aaliyah ("Are U That Somebody," "Rock The Boat," "Try Again," "We Need A Resolution," "Back In One Piece" feat. DMX), Pretty Ricky ("On The Hotline," "Your Body," "Call Me"), Jay-Z ("Don't Change The Game"), Jamie Foxx ("Can I Take You Home") Diddy ( "Tell Me" feat. Christina Aguilera) 50 Cent ("Fire" feat. the Pussycat Dolls), Timbaland & Magoo ("Luv 2 Luv U"), Truth Hurts ("Addictive") and Nas ("You Owe Me" feat. Ginuwine) and Playa ("Cheers 2 U").
The tribute event comes amid the success of Static Major’s latest collaboration on the Lil’ Wayne single "Lollipop."The song, which the singer wrote, currently sits at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and Hot Rap Tracks charts and No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.Despite "Lollipop" ending up with Lil’ Wayne, the track was originally penned for Dem Franchize Boyz.After the group missed the chance to acquire the song, Kadife Sylvester, a close friend of Static Major, shopped a demo of "Lollipop" to Lil’ Wayne, who took a liking to the track after hearing it.Sources tell that Static Major’s death will not prevent the singer’s forthcoming album from hitting stores this year.The OG music/Blackground Records/Universal release, titled Suppertime, will feature the lead single "I Got My" feat. Lil Wayne.

Other artists slated to appear on Suppertime include Dem franchize Boyz, Project Pat and Missy Elliott.In addition to the album, a DJ Khaled mixtape featuring all of Static Major's hits will be released. 

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Alicia Keys lets the music guide her

The 2007 chart-topping album "As I Am" is still a fresh concern for Alicia Keys, but the singer says she's already actively mulling her next record."I've been thinking about the next album, since we kind of wrapped up this album," says Keys, who's in the middle of the North American tour promoting "As I Am" that comes to the HP Pavilion on Saturday. The set, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in November, still remains in the top 30 of the chart.

"Part of what I've been thinking about is, 'What are the ways that I want to express myself this time?' " she says "When I was just finishing recording 'As I Am,' I said to myself that I want to do something that's totally stripped-down, stripped-back, totally piano-based, singer-songwriter; a Joni Mitchell-Carole King type of vibe."I might do that, but you never know where life takes you, where the music's going to take you."

Keys says her greatest obstacle to creating new music now is finding a chance to do it amid a worldwide tour schedule that has dates booked into 2009."At this point I'm trying to find the space to continue to record as I'm on tour," explains Keys, who recently canceled some performances because of voice health issues. "That's always a bit of a challenge for me 'cause it takes so much out of me to tour."But there's always that urge to stay creative and write on that more personal side.

So the main goal now is to continue to find that quiet space somewhere in the madness." 

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Ultra Music Fest Heats Up With Electrifying Sets From Deadmau5, Hardwell

Miami music fest continues with an onslaught of talent and a cameo from a nearly naked Zedd.

MIAMI — With a late start and light schedule, Day 1 of Ultra Music Festival was the perfect setup to the full-on onslaught of talent of Day 2. No matter what stage you parked yourself in front of, you were treated to an all-star lineup and completely packed crowds.
The Main Stage was owned by 2012's Best Breakout DJ, Hardwell, who debuted a slew of new tracks and even invited Lil Jon onstage. Carl Cox killed it for a second night in a row at his eponymous curated stage, closed out by fellow legend Richie Hawtin. Meanwhile, the Ultra Worldwide stage saw a stellar cast — the best of the Dutchies, Italians, French and Aussies were treated to overflowing legions of fans, many wrapped in their nation's flag.

Skrillex label OWSLA took over the UMF Radio stage with newbies like Blood Diamonds and Seven Lions as well as stalwart favorites Jack Beats and Alvin Risk. Fans were not disappointed when the label maestro himself and Porter Robinson both joined Alvin for highly anticipated surprise cameos.
Not far away, their friend Zedd went streaking across the mainstage during deadmau5 set. Well, he wasn't completely naked. A Twitter dare between the German wunderkind and social media maven mau5 was sealed when he lapped the DJ's iconic cube seven times in nothing more than tiny pink briefs with matching suspenders and bow tie. Those tuning in to the live stream could catch only a distant glimpse but otherwise left to the imagination.

Zedd will return to the Main Stage to perform Sunday. And one can only imagine what fashion choices last night's antics will inspire.

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Beyonce Reps Houston On New Song 'Bow Down/I Been On'

From that inauguration lip-synching debacle to her HBO documentary and dazzling Super Bowl halftime performance, Beyoncé has been on a heavy promotional run in the past few months. And yet, none of it included new music — until now. On Sunday (March 17), Mrs. Carter posted the track "Bow Down/I Been On" to her website.
Over a trippy instrumental courtesy of producer Hit-Boy, Bey lets her ego do all the talking as she ferociously talks herself up and spews demands. "I took my time to live my life but don't think I'm just his little wife/ Don't get it twisted, get it twisted/ This is my sh--," she sings, before repetitively commanding, "Bow down, bitches."

A little more than a minute into the clip, the tune seems to segue into the second song, "I Been On." It's another far cry from Bey's usual glimmering pop&B formula, as the siren's vocals are transformed, Houston chopped-and-screwed style. Word is that Bey reportedly worked on the track with R&B duo Planet VI, who are responsible for Rihanna's equally gritty "Pour It Up." And for those who prefer to hear the singer's unaltered voice, her Beyhive have already switched up the pitch in the track to reveal the original vocals.
Artwork for "Bow Down" keeps in line with the song's over-the-top ego. In front of a mantle full of awards and trophies, a preteen Beyoncé shares an innocent smile with the text "Bow Down" above her.

Fans may recognize "I Been On" from a tour advertisement for the U.K. leg of the Mrs. Carter World Tour, which was uploaded back in February. Attendees of Bey's four-night run at Atlantic City's Revel last year also unknowingly got a small taste of the now-unveiled tune when the singer used a small clip from "Bow Down" during her performance of "Countdown."

Mega-producer The-Dream, who is working with Bey on the follow-up to her 2011 release 4, recently dished some goods on "RapFix Live." "There's no particular sound that I think we're shooting for, we're just trying to make music that feels good," he said. "If you seen the HBO thing, which was great, we had been talking about doing something that showcases who she is and what she wants because we see those figures that are so out of the stratosphere," he said.

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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Chely Wright Comes Out; Will Be Country Music's First Openly Gay Artist

May 02, 2010 06:02 PM EDT (Updated: May 02, 2010 07:36 PM EDT)
Chely Wright, singer, songwriter, and 1999 Academy of Country Music Awards New Artist of the Year, is gay, according to TMZ.  Rumors have been flying for the past week or so that People magazine was going to reveal an upcoming cover a country music star proclaiming that they were gay. There were several guesses but most were going with Shelby Lynne. But TMZ reported Saturday night that Chely Wright would be the country artist coming out in People magazine this week.

It’s a brave move for a country music artist, considering that country music fans are pretty conservative.  But it is 2010 after all and perhaps it is time for country music to have an openly gay artist.

And, yes, Chely Wright would be country music’s first openly gay artist.

Along with the big news of being country music’s first gay artist, Chely Wright also has a new book and album coming out as well. Like Me: Confessions of a Heartland Country Singer, will be available in bookstores on May 4, the same day her album, “Lifted Off The Ground,” launches.

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Depeche Mode Bring A Black Celebration To Austin With First SXSW Show

When legendary synthpop band Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, and Andy Fletcher participated in a live Q&A this week at the Austin musicfest South By Southwest, Gahan wryly referred to himself as an "overpaid stripper." Two days later, Depeche played their first-ever SXSW show, and Gahan--arguably one of the finest frontmen of all time, and one who was fittingly declared a "sex god" by a fan at that Q&A session--busted out some very slinky, very sexy, almost pole-worthy dance moves. And let's just say the man definitely earned his paycheck.

The intimate club gig, presented by Yahoo! at Brazos Hall and attended by the likes of Usher and celebrity manager Scooter Braun, was a major black celebration for fans who'd won coveted tickets via a SXSW lottery drawing. And all fans' eyes were riveted to Depeche's iconic, ageless singer from the moment he hit the stage rocking a slick matinee-idol hairdo, natty cigarette-leg slacks, and a bicep-flaunting vest. Gahan's slightest move--a tiny shift of one sinewy hip, a beckoning gesture, a rakish tilt of his pompadoured head--elicited delighted squeals so shrill that dogs all the way over in San Antonio probably heard them, and the audience reaction was even more intense when he broke out his less subtle moves, which was actually most of the time.
Gary Miller/Film MagicSeemingly simultaneously channeling Jim Morrison, James Brown, and Joel Grey, Gahan pulled out all the superstar stops and played the club like it was an arena: He spun in circles clicking his heels together like a Mexican hat-dancer, hoisted his microphone stand over his head like it was a set of barbells, and most all, writhed and slinked and wiggled his Elvisian hips like a stripper with a G-string stuffed full of hundred-dollar bills. The man (who is 50 years old) proved he's still got it, and still knows how to flaunt it, after all these years.
Incredibly, Depeche Mode have actually been around for THIRTY-THREE years, to be exact, and they're about to release their 13th studio album, Delta Machine. The band's SXSW set included five new songs from that album--lead single "Heaven," "Angel," "Should Be Higher," "Soft Touch," and "Soothe My Soul"--all of which segued fluidly into the setlist's classic tracks. But of course, it was those vintage Mode cuts, like "Barrel Of A Gun," "Walking In My Shoes," "Personal Jesus" (which seemed especially appropriate for Texas with its twangy, spaghetti-western guitar riff), "Only When I Lose Myself" (featuring lovely lead vocals by Gore), and show-closing audience singalong "Enjoy The Silence" that went over best with the crowd.

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

"Psy Style" scores as Gangnam rapper readies new song

By Narae Kim

SEOUL (Reuters) - As South Korean rapper Psy readies what he hopes will be his next hit song, aiming for a repeat of the viral "Gangnam Style", retailers are keeping a close eye on what he wears, hoping another blockbuster will send sales surging.

From the tortoiseshell sunglasses to the two-toned Oxfords the chubby singer sported for his YouTube megahit, a wide range of brands - and Seoul's Gangnam district itself - have reaped rich rewards from the Psy effect.

Psy's stylist will say only that the 35-year-old will once more be clad in a suit for the new song, whose title also remains a secret. It will be released at an April 13 concert.

"The basic concept for his upcoming song is again a formal suit but with a humorous twist. I plan to add an unexpected twist of fun," Hong Hye-won told Reuters in an interview.

"I made a point with a bow tie back in the Gangnam look. There is something like that for the new song."

Psy's slicked hair and tuxedo jacket, in a broad range of electric colors, paired with a pleated white dress shirt and a black bow tie, run counter to the carefully manicured and primped young women and men typical of the K-Pop industry.

Much of what Psy wears is from his personal closet, since it is hard for him to find a suit that fits, Hong was quoted in a local newspaper as saying last year.

Both the Vivienne Westwood white shirt and the Thierry Lasry sunglasses he sports in the video, which made YouTube history by being the first to gain more than 1 billion views, are items he bought for himself some time ago, she was quoted as saying.

French eyewear designer Thierry Lasry has been besieged with questions about the two kinds of shades - the tortoiseshell, and black with gold temples, both called "The Variety".

"We have had a lot of requests from our customers who saw and loved his music video," said Clara Mercier, marketing manager for Thierry Lasry, who said the tortoiseshell version was a limited edition. The black ones go for 335 euros ($430).

"We obviously could have sold thousands had it not been a limited edition," Mercier added.


Gabor, a German-based shoe maker, has also benefited. Psy's footwear was actually Christian Louboutin, but similar enough to one of Gabor's styles to send Korean sales shooting up 100 percent in September 2012 from a year before.

"Before Psy, Oxfords were not exactly popular," said Lee Hyung-joo, Gabor marketing manager. "But now everyone, man or woman, old or young, fashionable or not, wants to try the Oxfords Psy wears."

Psy's broad appeal appears to be the key. The YouTube video has now been viewed more than 1.4 billion times.

"He is not a typical model type of person - quite chubby, not so tall and not so handsome. But it does not matter," said shoe designer Jimmy Choo, in Seoul for a recent awards ceremony. "We feel he is like us, like the guy next door."

Gangnam, the upmarket Seoul suburb that has become a byword for affluence and consumption if not always good taste, has also seen a spillover effect that has kept its streets crowded - and the cash tills of its high-end stores ringing.

Tourist numbers have shot up 50 percent to 320,000 in January this year, compared with the same period in 2012, according to government data. Chinese tourists stand out although locals also spend more time in the area, especially Garosil-gil, the trendiest part.

"We think that Psy has brought 'Gangnam' closer to ordinary people, who were often uncomfortable with its luxurious, well-to-do image," said Jeong You-sook, an official at the Tourism Promotion Division of the Gangnam District office.

Choo agreed that Psy's appeal was infectious.

"Everyone, including myself, wants to try not just his dance moves but his fashion and his hairdo. Just like everyone was going as Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson in their heydays," he said.

(Reporting By Narae Kim; Editing by David Chance and Elaine Lies)

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Pet Shop Boys switch labels for new 'Electric' album

LONDON (Reuters) - Pet Shop Boys have left the record label Parlophone after 28 years and will release their new studio album "Electric" through independent music publisher Kobalt in June, the British duo said on Thursday.

The chart-toppers, whose 1980s hits include "West End Girls" and "It's A Sin", said further details of their 12th studio album would be released soon.

The move by the duo, who have sold 50 million records worldwide since getting together 32 years ago, comes a month after it was announced that Parlophone was being sold to Warner Music.

Parlophone was previously one of EMI's most prized assets but Vivendi's Universal Music Group agreed last year to sell the label to satisfy European regulators over its $1.9 billion purchase of EMI's recorded music business.

The Pet Shop Boys said when they signed with Parlophone, whose artists also include Coldplay, they had no idea how long or how successful the relationship would be.

"However it is also exciting now to commence a new phase working with a new team in a new business structure and we look forward to a creative and equally fulfilling relationship with Kobalt," bandmates Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe said in a statement on their website.

Kobalt is a fast-growing independent music publisher set up in 2000 by Swedish businessman Willard Ahdritz who established a new publishing model to release and market records while giving the musicians greater control and ownership of their work.

The label's first international album release, "Push The Sky Away" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, debuted this year at No. 1 in seven countries and in the top four in 13 other countries.

(Reporting by Belinda Goldsmith)

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Iggy Azalea's 'Work' Video Inspired By Outkast

Iggy combines influences from Australian musical, Tarantino film and OutKast video for new clip.

Iggy Azalea initially hoped to drop her debut album The New Classic last year, but in the time that's elapsed since then, the Australia native got a chance to perfect her sound, resulting in new songs her official first single, "Work." For the video, she tells MTV News that she drew inspiration from a classic Australian musical.
"I really love 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert,' which is an Australian film about some drag queens that go from Sydney in this bus called 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert' up to the Northern Territory, and it's about this adventure they have," she revealed, also noting that time constraints didn't allow her to fly back home and film like she originally wanted to.

"I really liked this film as a kid and always identified with it because it's [about] drag queens and they have to keep stopping in small rural towns and they're not accepted," she continued. "I always kinda felt that way with rap — trying to break into it, I wasn't accepted and I was out of my element, so I really love that movie, and it being Australian, I really wanted to draw reference from it. So there's little nods to that in the desert scene."
Iggy added that she also took some inspiration from Outkast's "B.O.B." video to create the clip, which she describes as "big" and "neon" and also from the infamous lap dance scene in Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof" horror film.
With a song so dynamic, she felt that it deserved a proper visual treatment. "I think every time you listen to it you get something new, whether it's in the lyrics or it's part of the beat," she said. "I love listening to music like that, when you can hear something and every time it feels like you get a new thing from it. That to me is what good music is."
The New Classic does not have a release date as yet.

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'American Idol' Results: Who Won't Be The Next Phillip Phillips?

Curtis Finch Jr. was voted off "American Idol" on Thursday night (March 14), and Nicki Minaj nearly left with him.
Finch, the competition's oldest singer, found himself in the bottom two along with Devin Velez. And when the reported 26 million votes were tallied, the gospel singer from St. Louis, who said he dreamed of being a modern-day Luther Vandross, found himself holding on to the short end of the stick.
When it was revealed Finch was in the bottom two, Minaj plotted her exit. "Curtis, I mean, if you go home, I go home," she told him. And when host Ryan Seacrest read the results, Minaj dramatically got up from her chair on the stage and started to walk away.

It was up to Finch to sing for the judges' save, but his version of R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" was not persuasive enough to get the judges to vote unanimously to save him. Minaj slumped in her chair and looked visibly disengaged from the process. "I think we really needed an extra minute to discuss it," she said. "I know it's a live show, but ... "

Ironically, Minaj was late to Wednesday's taping and missed Finch's performance, so she wasn't able to give his performance the compliments that might have helped him get over with voters.

Earlier in the show when recapping the contestants, "Idol" mentor Jimmy Iovine smelled trouble for Finch Jr. "You can't just do the entire show in slow, urban gospel form," he said while critiquing Finch's performance of Fantasia's "I Believe," "or he's not gonna get even past the top eight."

All in all, it was a whole new "Idol" results show. In past years, "Idol" has been notoriously reluctant to reveal details of the voting, but on Thursday, producers were in a sharing mood: We learned Janelle Arthur earned 30 percent of the vote in Tennessee (she's one of three contestants in this year's competition from the Volunteer State), Devin Velez had more than 25 percent of the vote in Puerto Rico, and more. They also shared, for the first time, the ranking of the votes: The top three vote getters were Kree Harrison, Candice Glover and Angie Miller, though how the contestants ranked within that top three was not revealed. From there, Lazaro Arbos came in fourth, and was followed, in order, by Amber Holcomb, Janelle Arthur, Burnell Taylor, Paul Jolley, Devin Velez and Curtis Finch Jr.

In what has been spoken largely of as a girl's year on "Idol," five of the top six vote-getters were girls, and guys made up the bottom four.

The show also saw Aubrey Cleland and Charlie Askew, the closest runners-up to the top 10, performing to earn a slot on this year's "Idol" summer tour. Cleland sang "Out Here on My Own," from "Fame," while Askew sang an original, "Sky Blue Diamond." The viewer-chosen winner will be revealed on next Wednesday's "Idol" performance episode.

Bon Jovi also appeared on Thursday's show and performed their new single "Because We Can," and last year's "Idol" winner Phillip Phillips returned to perform his new single "Gone, Gone, Gone."

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Music's Power Couples

Ah, love - it makes the world go round, it has been said. And music, on the other hand, "hath charms to soothe the savage breast." So what happens when you put these two powerful forces together? We have something the world loves to see - a musical power couple.

Here are some of the most notable power couples of music, in no particular order:

1. Yoko Ono and John Lennon. This is so classic, it hardly needs explaining. John Lennon is a music icon who will remain the stuff of legends for as long as rock 'n' roll exists in this world. Yoko Ono is an artist and musician in her own right; she was also the woman that John Lennon so publicly adored and gave his heart to.

Ono was Lennon's soul mate, his faithful companion in his last years, his biggest fan. She was by Lennon's side that fateful day he was assassinated. She has since kept the fires of Lennon's crusades burning. If ever there was a musical power couple that we will hear about forever, it is this one.

2. Sonny and Cher. Here is another classic team-up, though sadly, it didn't last. Sonny Bono and Cherilyn LaPiere met in 1962, when Sonny was working at Gold Star Studios in Hollywood. They were married in 1964 and put out two songs in the same year, but their stardom did not come until 1965, when their single "I Got You Baby" catapulted to number 1. This was followed by several more hits, and Sonny and Cher became a household name.

Unfortunately, their married life wasn't as successful as their professional one. In 1974, after several years of domestic turbulence, they divorced on less-than-amicable terms. In 1998, Sonny died in a ski accident. But Cher lives on and still shines in her own terms, albeit less brightly than before. Perhaps, it is because the world really cannot imagine Cher without Sonny. For us, it will always be "Sonny and Cher."

3. Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony. If you've ever seen J-Lo and Mark Anthony perform a song together, you won't find it hard to imagine the kind of chemistry the two of them could have. This couple sizzles on stage. They seem to light each other's fire. If only marriage could look like this in the four walls of the domestic abode, probably nobody would ever get divorce.

But the stage is not the home, and performance is not the same as everyday reality. In 2011, after a seven-year marriage, the couple announced their separation. This, however, does not mean they do not perform together on stage anymore, so even if they are no longer a couple in real life, they still remain an amazing power couple in the music industry.

4. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. If there's anything more interesting to watch than love, it is young love. Justin Bieber, born in 1994, released his first full-length album My World 2.0 in 2010. By 2011, he was already the recipient of the several awards, including Artist of the Year from the American Music Awards and Top New Artist from the Billboard Music Awards.

 It was also in 2011 that his romantic relationship with Selena Gomez was revealed. Gomez, who has been in show business since she was seven, has starred in several films, won several music awards of her own, and was designated UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2008.

Of course, the two are not married; still, they are arguably the most watched music power couple of 2012.

5. Beyoncé and Jay-Z. They have worked together on several songs, such as "'03 Bonnie & Clyde" in 2002, "Crazy in Love" in 2003, and "Déjà Vu" in 2006; most of these became huge hits. They have each won several music awards. In 2006, Time magazine listed them as the Most Powerful Couple in their 100 Most Influential People list. In 2008, they were married. And in 2012, Beyoncé gave birth to their first child, Blue Ivy.

They are, undoubtedly, the music industry's most powerful couple today. We can only hope they continue making good music together for a long, long time.

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A Minute With: the director of a documentary about Journey singer

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - When veteran rock band Journey chose unknown Filipino singer Arnel Pineda to become their new frontman it inspired a filmmaker to capture his rise from obscurity in the streets of Manila to performing on arena stages.

"Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey," directed by Filipino-American filmmaker Ramona Diaz, picks up Pineda's story soon after he was chosen to join Journey in 2007 after the group saw him on YouTube.

Diaz's documentary film opens in theaters on Friday. She spoke to Reuters about Pineda's story and working with the band.

Q: Were you worried about dealing with all the different personalities of a famous band?

A: My very first film was about the former first lady of the Philippines, Imelda Marcos. She was very powerful and she was difficult. I hung out with her for two months. She ended up suing me because she didn't like the film. After that experience, I thought, I can handle anything now. I can handle rock bands!

Q: What surprised you most about Journey?

A: It was a surprise to me that for such a veteran rock band, they were not used to having cameras ... backstage or in their dressing rooms. I thought rock bands were used to it because of MTV, where backstage and tour buses are open to cameras. But at the height of Journey's fame, MTV was just forming as well. They didn't understand the reality of what full access meant. But at the end of the day, we got it.

Q: Do you consider this a music documentary or more of a documentary about Filipino heritage?

A: I think it transcends all that. It really is a Cinderella story with a very modern twist because of YouTube. This story could not have happened 10 or 15 years ago, not in this way with the help of social media. But at the heart of it, it's a Cinderella story. For non-Journey fans, Arnel's personal history is very compelling.

Q: How so?

A: He was a street kid in Manila. Success happened to him later in his life. I think he was 40 the year he joined the band. He had already lived the rock 'n' roll life, even without the money - the drugs, the women. He saw this as an opportunity for him to really get his life together.

Q: It seems like you really bonded with Pineda. Did it help that you were Filipino?

A: I think so, mostly because of the language. I can speak Tagalog. That first summer when he toured with Journey, he had no entourage. It was just him in his dressing room. We (a crew of five) became his sounding board because no one else was traveling with him. The second year he had a roadie, his wife was traveling with him, and it would have been a completely different dynamic.

Q: In the film Pineda switches between speaking English and Tagalog. Sometimes the same sentence is a mixture of both.

A: We call that 'Taglish.' Taglish is very common in the Philippines. I actually encouraged him to speak Filipino in the documentary. There were certain things I don't think I would have gotten from him emotionally or with such strength and passion if he had to stick to English.

Q: The budget for this documentary was under $2 million. Was it easy to raise the money because of the band's name?

A: I've done three other features and I thought it would be very easy to fundraise for this because (the subject matter) is very accessible, but no. No one believed in us. We were never able to raise the money. So it was on our dime, on our credit cards, small investments from family. The title song, "Don't Stop Believin'" that's us - the crew, me and my producer.

Q: Didn't the band want to kick in some funds?

A: There are certain boundaries you don't cross. This is an independently produced film. If Journey had funded it, there would have been strings attached to it. Money isn't free. The final cut wouldn't have been ours. It would have been deemed a vanity project, which it isn't.

Q: The rock 'n' roll lifestyle is very male-centric. Did being a woman help or hinder you on this film?

A: I think sometimes it was to my advantage. I'm small - 5'1" - so I'm less threatening to people. They allow me more things.(Laughs) So I was allowed in dressing rooms and tour buses. They just say yes!"

(Editing by Piya Sinha-Roy and Patricia Reaney)

(This story was corrected to give full name of filmmaker in the second paragraph and gender in the third paragraph)

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Smashed KISS guitar at a throwaway price of $5,500

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Die-hard KISS fans looking for the ultimate in concert memorabilia from the group's current Australian tour need search no more. Why not acquire a guitar smashed onstage "in your honor" by guitarist Paul Stanley - for a mere $5,500?

Stanley, also a singer in the U.S. hard rock group known for its garish makeup, will also be selling the microphone he sings into for $3,000, along with special microphone and guitar combination packages, his website said.

If you purchase a KISS guitar during the Australian tour, currently underway until March 16, you also get to meet Stanley before the concert and view your yet undamaged guitar, which will be smashed that night in your honor, according to Stanley's website (

Not included in the price is your concert ticket.

"What a fantastic feeling I got seeing Paul Stanley smashing 'my' guitar at the end of an unbelievable show," gushed one fan on the website after buying a guitar during an earlier British tour.

(Reporting by Michael Sin, Editing by Elaine Lies and Michael Perry)

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Significance Of Background Music And Music Licensing

The significance of a background music lies in gifting your assignment an added spark, be it a film or an ad. In the present world, a background score is highly essential as it acts as a highlighting tool for any sort of public show. As a producer, you will never want your show to give a mediocre look. Therefore, a background tune brings a phenomenal touch in your project without which it can never gain vitality. A soothing background tune can be a key factor in fetching immense popularity and publicity for your project. When an advertisement attracts you, its mostly because of the background composition. Similarly, when you watch a movie or a television serial, its often the background score that says everything about the plot. Most art film directors take the help of a background melody to convey the message of his film.

Well, its not the media industry alone that consider background music as an integral part, but there are many educational shows and videos as well where a background score help students to understand a particular lesson. For such videos, there are certain background theme music that sets interest for the students. As a result, students don't feel the monotonousness and they take up the subject matter with huge interest. Often, it seems pathetic when lectures stretch for hours. Therefore, a video assignment with a soft background instrumental can be really inspiring. In other words, a background music is like a glue that remain attached to its matter firmly.

With the progress of time, TV commercials are becoming popular owing to their innovative themes and unique background compositions. There are many popular commercials on bikes, cars, chocolates, cell phones etc.
Most of these remain evergreen either for its theme song or an exclusive background music. A commercial without the support of a background music cannot be effective at all.

Every individual must be careful in choosing the correct background composition for his project. Its not that expensive to deal with background music. If you wish, you can buy a few tracks through online and start working on your project instantly. You might have to pay some royalty fees for it. Its always a great thing to expand your project globally, and you can do it by marketing. Big industry people might come to know of your project and you might consequently secure a respectable position in a media house. There are ample background music softwares that can make your job easy.

In the recent years, several companies that provide music licensing for film have gained popularity helping people to get their music licensed. Its better you seek advise from an expert. He can help you go through the systematical processes in such a way that producers will certainly notice your melodious compositions and accept to get your music licensing for film. Don't commit the blunder of using someone else's composition in your movie without permission via music licensing. The consequences will not be good and you might be liable to heavy penalty.

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Music Mixing Techniques and Music Mixing Tips

I recently realized that I did not know the music mixing techniques I thought I did and when I first started music production I learnt the hard way. I searched about for music production tips and music mixing online, during this time I found many opposing ideas that left me even more confused.

I am glad I did learn in the end though as I always thought there was something I was missing. I was right about that of course but I was looking in the wrong area; I thought it was with my song writing ability but the truth was I did know how to produce music. Here are a music mixing tips to consider and help you when you are mixing and recording music.

Write and record before doing any mixing - Before you start mixing make sure that the whole track is recorded (by you or someone else). This is rule number one on how to produce music. You cannot start to mix a track before it is finished as that would be like trying to decorate the insides of a house when the roof is not on yet. If you do start to mix a track before it is has finished being written it will never be finished because when you are writing you need to consider certain things and when mixing you consider different things. These two conflicting priorities will pull you right and left. If you are/have been doing this there is a good chance you are trying to use effects to mask a poorly written song or you need to learn and understand some basic music theory to pave a solid path forward. It is worth mentioning that you could be in need of some extra music production tips if you are having these problems when you do have a finished track

Always fix any problems with what has been recorded at the time of recording - If you are recording something or have been given a track from someone and you can hear that there is a problem somewhere in the track it is very important that this problem is rectified before going into the mixing process.
It is important to set solid and clear boundaries between recording and mixing, I would say this is one of the golden rules that sits highly on the music production tips list. If you have just recorded a guitar part and something is not sitting quite right, maybe a note clash or something drops out of time briefly, fix it instantly. Either find a note that does not clash or re-record that specific bar around or in between the rest which works. Do not leaving it till the mix.

Arrange your environment before you start - Before you sit down and start to mix a track it is important to get everything arms reach and make sure you have everything needed out and close to hand. This may not be one of the most helpful music mixing techniques but it is important for concentration. It is no good if you have to keep getting up and going through cupboards looking for specific boxes or needing to use something only to find that you do not have the right cable or batteries.

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Seven Top Free Digital Music Services

It's the age of freebies. These days, we can download e-books, stream movies, and listen to music, all for free - and legally! It's just a question of where to find these goodies.

So as far as music is concerned, where can we get them for free? Here are some sites you would want to check out:

1. Grooveshark ( is one of the largest music streaming services in the world. This site allows you to find and listen to your favourite music, make your own personalized playlist, browse for new songs, and share them on social networking and bookmarking sites with just one click.
You can listen to free unlimited radio on your Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Jailbroken iPhone, or HP Web OS smartphone by simply downloading the Grooveshark app.
It also has features such as the video mode, which lets you watch YouTube videos of your favourite songs; the Power Hour mode, which automatically moves you to a new song every 60 seconds; and the visualizer, which adds a visual element to accompany your music.
2. Spotify ( The Spotify free account gives you instant access to millions of tracks for your streaming pleasure. You can play and organize your own MP3s, and you can share them with your friends, as well as get your friends' recommendations, and listen to them instantly with just a click of a Facebook button.
If you want to listen to music offline on your desktop or mobile, though, you'll need to get the paid Premium account.
3. We7 ( is a free music-streaming service available to users from Ireland and the UK. It has more than 6.8 million tracks from four major record labels and a huge number of independent labels. If you wish to purchase the tracks, you can do so from the in-site store.
4. ( you like listening to music but are too lazy to search for the music you like, try, a music recommendation service. Just sign up, download the Scrobbler software, and let that little tool deliver personalised recommendations based on what songs or artists you listen to most often.
5. Soundclick ( site has been around since 1997, so it must be good, right? To date, its catalogue holds over 2.5 million tracks that you can listen to through live streaming. Some of the music is available for free and legal download.
6. Audio Archive ( you're looking for free songs, poetry readings, audio books, old-time radio shows, and even alternative news programs, you can find over 200,000 of those from Audio Archives' MP3 and audio library.
7. ArtistServer ( looking for non-mainstream artists and their music can find them at ArtistServer. Choose from over 8,000 free and legally downloadable songs from this website. There is a full range of genres to choose from - country, rock, jazz, metal, blues, classical, hip-hop, folk, and many others - all recorded by unsigned artists, who use the site to promote their work.

Osheaga 2013 Festival Line-Up Announced: Cure, Mumford & Sons, Phoenix & More

The Cure, Mumford & Sons and Phoenix are the big names confirmed set for this year's Osheaga festival Aug. 2-4 at Montreal's Parc Jean-Drapeau on Ile Ste-Helene.

According to a Twitter post from the official Osheaga account other confirmed acts include New Order, the Lumineers, Vampire Weekend, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Kendrick Lamar, Hot Chip and Tegan and Sara. The bill is also fleshed out by Flogging Molly, Big Boi, Explosions in the Sky, Gaslight Anthem, Beach House, Ben Howard and Father John Misty. Meanwhile the Canadian component includes Hollerado, Diamond Rings, Hannah Georgas and A Tribe Called Red.

Before officially releasing the lineup at 8 p.m. Eastern Monday evening organizers gave cryptic clues the last few days on Osheaga's Facebook page and Twitter site with a photo of a French coin dated 1901 being displayed. The photo immediately had many correctly surmising Phoenix would be performing. However, other photos of the Olsen Twins from "Full House," a deep fryer filled with french fries and a photo of Osheaga's mascots in a Knight Rider-like car resulted in wide ranging guesses.

Festival tickets go on sale this Friday (March 15) at noon Eastern with three-day general admission packages priced at $235 with reserved seating access packages set at $395. If you're looking for the VIP treatment there are also two options: The Osheaga Experience with various perks runs $699 while the The Osheaga Experience (with reserved seating) will set you back $1,099. All prices include service charges and fees with complete information on the festival site. Packages are available through or by phone at 1-855-310-2525. Single day tickets will go on sale at a later date. No e-tickets will be issued. Twenty additional acts will also be confirmed at a later date.

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Monday, 11 March 2013

Music For Healing, Relaxation, and Wellness

From a powerful national anthem to church hymns and classical masterpieces, music has always been able to evoke emotion, affect your mood, and influence the brain and body. Scientific studies throughout the years have proven how beneficial music can be both emotionally and physically. However certain types of music are better suited for healing than others. For example, you may find that while you truly enjoy rock music, this music may not be the most ideal music for your own emotional or physical needs.

Generally speaking, you want to search for music which is soft, soothing, and geared toward relaxation or meditation. Many classical music recordings have these qualities as do New Age compositions. You can even acquire music which is specially geared toward meditation, yoga, and other wellness programs. I highly recommend the music of Daniel Kobialka for all of your wellness and meditation needs. Mr. Kobialka's focus is the rejuvenative power of music. He has led didactic and interactive workshops and seminars, traveled the world bringing his violin virtuosity to hospitals from Beijing, China to Plainville Ohio, and recorded music for meditation and guidance with alternative healing pioneers including Joan Boreysenko and Bernie Siegel. "If you are seeking healing, inspiration or spiritual fulfillment, you will discover in Kobialka the transformative power of music," Larry Dossey, M.D.

Music has always been loved and embraced by the public, from catchy jingles that influence their purchases to cherished childhood songs that bring back a nostalgia for friendlier times. As such, it is no surprise that science, as well as medicine, have turned their attention to the therapeutic powers of music.

"Music, the undefined sounds of universal language," says Daniel Kobialka, "has the remarkable ability of speaking to each of us in a very personal and profound manner."

The many uses of music in therapeutic situations vary largely and may include, but are not limited to, motor skills, social/interpersonal development, cognitive development, self-awareness, and spiritual enhancement.

The idea of music as a tool for healing dates back to the beginnings of history, and some of the earliest notable mentions in Western history are found in the writings of ancient Greek philosophers.

Robert Burton wrote in the 16th century in his classic work, The Anatomy of Melancholy, that music and dance were critical in treating mental illness, especially melancholia (depression).

Using music and sound for healing is not yet a mainstream practice, however many groups have already begun to implement music therapy to their advantage. For example, some schools have initiated programs including music to benefit their student's learning abilities. They have begun to hire therapists or other specialists who use music to strengthen nonmusical areas such as communication, physical coordination, teamwork, or even math.

If this article still hasn't convinced you of the value of music for healing, consider the case of Dr. Michael J. Crawford and his colleagues, who in November 2006, again found that music therapy helped the outcomes of Schizophrenic patients.

His study showed conclusive evidence of the value of music in healing therapies. His November 2006 study included a total of 115 patients. Of these 115 patients, 81 of these were were subjected to various music therapies. Multiple methods of analysis demonstrated a trend towards improved symptom scores among those which were subjected to healing music therapy, especially in the area of reducing symptoms of schizophrenia. They further concluded that the effects as well as cost-effectiveness of music therapy for acute psychosis should be further investigated in further trials.

As you can see, there is a strong case for the value of music in everyday wellness as well as for your health and even to assist in the care of specific ailments. You can use music as a wellness method in your own home in a variety of ways, such as setting aside 15 minutes when you wake up in the morning and before bed at night to listen to relaxing music and calm your mind. You may also wish to listen to healing music on an mp3 player or CD player while you work during the day, if it is possible in your workplace to do so, or if you work from home. You can also play soothing, healing music for your pets or to even calm down and relax a baby!

Music can be used in such a large variety of ways for healing both our bodies and minds that you simply can't go wrong by listening to this type of music! Even if your normal playlist includes rock, country, or even rap, you too can appreciate the benefits given by listening to relaxation music. There are such a large variety of styles, instruments, and cultural influences available in healing music that you can usually find something to suit everyone. So give music healing a try and start feeling the benefits today!

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Miley Cyrus' 'Twisted' Cameo A 'Huge' Deal For Tiffany Foxx

Miley Cyrus' crew gets more and more hip-hop by the day. When rap veteran Lil' Kim came by "RapFix Live" this week to introduce her protégé Tiffany Foxx, the two MCs were happy to discuss their lovefest with the pop starlet.

"We had a huge surprise guest," Foxx said, grinning from ear to ear as she talked about Miley making a cameo in her "Twisted" video. Kim told host Sway that Foxx is a huge Miley fan, and she knew the young femcee would be shocked by the former "Hannah Montana" star's appearance.

Cyrus has been following Lil' Kim on Twitter for a while and expressed her unabashed love for the Queen Bee. So Tiffany said, by extension, Miley loves her too.

"Miley follows and loves Kim," Foxx said. "She love anything Kim do, so she love me too. But it's cool."

Tyler, the Creator 'killed it' on Miley's new album.

Shortly after the video shoot in early February, Tiffany talked about becoming fast friends with Miley.

"It's crazy, because she's so cool. She is so cool," Foxx said. "It felt like I have been knowing her all my life. She's real sweet. She's down-to-earth. She doesn't take herself seriously. She came [in] like, 'What's up? Where is my cameo? I made up a dance for it!' Like, she was so cool."

Cyrus has been making headlines all week, after she was spotted around town without her engagement ring and took a break from social media. But on Friday (March 8), the buzz was all about the official "Twisted" video in which Miley rocks out in her shades and skully with Foxx and Kim.

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Selena Gomez Ready To Dance On New Album

All Selena Gomez wants to do is dance — or at the very least make music to groove to.

The "Spring Breakers" star opened up to Teen Vogue about her upcoming album, sharing that fans should expect a new single by April with a tour to follow this summer.

"It is so much fun. I made a huge, fun dance record that I'm so proud of," she said about the release, which she first announced last November, at the time hoping for a March release date. Considering she teased to MTV News earlier this year that Skrillex (with a sprinkle of Taylor Swift) was heavily influencing her sound, it's not surprising that this might turn out to be Gomez's club record.

"I got to record 20 or so great songs and work with a bunch of different producers, and they're all really fun pop songs; a little Ellie Goulding-ish, a little island-y feel," she continued. "It's a really fun pop record. I'm super stoked for it. It's kind of been hush-hush about it, and I'm excited for the single to come out and for my fans to hear it."

Selena Gomez had no problem suiting up in her skimpy "Spring Breakers" bikini.

No information regarding the single name or album title has been revealed yet. And regarding those snapshots of Gomez looking all retro glam on the set of what appeared to be her music-video shoot, well, that was for something else entirely, so fans are still in the dark about all the details for this album release.

"That actually wasn't for my music video!" she said. "They're just from a photo shoot I did. The pictures were everywhere and my friends were texting me, like, 'What's going on?!' That is exactly why I tell people not to believe what they read on the Internet."

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

First Watch: Julianna Barwick, 'Offing'

In a way, singer Julianna Barwick's ethereal voice and seemingly shapeless songs are a form of abstract art: colorful and curious, with lines that drift and flow in unexpected but beautiful directions. For her latest video, and a new song called "Offing," Barwick finds commonality in architect Philip Johnson's Glass House and a strange sculpture from artist Ken Price. Barwick performs alongside the sculpture for a live audience, filling the Glass House with layers of her sublime voice.

"Offing" is the opening track to Barwick's next full-length record, due out sometime in late summer.

 Barwick was the first in an ongoing series of artists to perform at the Glass House in New Canaan, Conn., alongside other sculptures, pairing music with other art in the architectural landmark. The video of her performance was directed by Derrick Belcham.

How Loudspeakers Work To Make The Music We Want To Listen To.

Speakers work by reproducing sound from electrical signals to audible sound and they vibrate air around the speaker when the electric current passes through. This is why when you stand or sit near very large speakers, you can feel vibrations coming from the speakers. There are many types of speakers and there are speakers for many types of audio system, so you should look for the particular type of speaker that will best suit both your requirements and your audio equipment.

Basically, speakers consist of many parts including a pair of magnets, spider suspension, cone, voice coil, diaphragm, dust cap and framework. Inside the speakers there are drivers which are used to project different frequencies and these are woofers, tweeters and midrange. Woofers project the lower frequencies, midrange drivers as their name suggests, replicate midrange frequencies and tweeters produce the high end frequencies. As a result, the size of these drivers varies with woofers being the largest and tweeters being the smallest.

This makes perfect sense because high frequency sound moves more quickly and as such the vibrations are faster so a large diaphragm takes longer to make the movements and is better suited to producing lower frequency sounds and this is why woofers are largest. There are of course more drivers that can be used to produce further ranges within the frequencies and these include subwoofers, mid bass drivers and super tweeters. These drivers allow more clarity of the sound being produced as the range of frequencies is larger. Obviously, the more types of driver that is included in the speaker, the better the sound quality and this is what makes the difference between a mediocre and a great set of speakers. The best speakers make you feel as if you are actually there and these will be the ones that have the greatest number and selection of drivers.

Often choosing speakers is dictated by budget and those with the highest specs are the most expensive, however, these will give the clearest and most authentic sound. At the lower end of the spectrum where the drivers are very basic the sound may be muffled, crackly or have other contaminants which will spoil your enjoyment of what you are listening to. Most of us have to make a compromise and choose speakers that are mid priced but you can still have some really excellent quality sound if you take some time to choose carefully. Go and listen to the sound that comes out of the speakers so that you can hear for yourself what the quality of the sound is.

Look at reviews online, weigh up the pros and cons so that you can make an informed choice and find the best quality speakers for your system. With the advent of home theatre systems, great quality sound is available for us all to enjoy. If you are particularly keen on watching movies and enjoying the whole cinema surround sound, then buy a great home theatre system. You will not regret it but you may if you choose a lesser sound system that does not quite give you what you want. There is enough choice on the market with many that have great specifications for the price, so set your budget and see what is available for you to choose from.

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