Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Online And Offline Methods For Music Promotion

The competition in music industry is getting tougher day by day. Hundreds of young artists are trying to make their mark in the music world. Few are getting success, and few are failing to do so. Success or failure of a band does not always point to the band’s performance or quality of their music. One of the most important factors for getting success in the music industry is the promotion of the band. After this, few questions are likely to arise in people’s mind, like what is music promotion and how it helps to get success in the music world. Promotion is quite similar to marketing; unless people know about a band they will not listen to it. And since audience is the most important factor behind a band’s success, without notifying the audience no band can reach their goal in the vast field of music.

Promotion of a band consists of letting people know about your music. Promotion of music is mainly of two types- online promotion and offline promotion. You can adopt both ways to promote your music. Both these ways are effective for the band’s promotion. Online methods for promotion of a band consists of joining social networking websites to interact with thousands of other users and music lovers and notifying about your band, uploading some of your top guitar riffs, keyboard riffs or the bass guitar riffs in your account for others to listen. If the audience likes your music, it will open the door for your success. Another great way of online music promotion is creating the band’s website. Here also you can upload some of your cool guitar riffs, along with photos and biography of your band members. The simplest and most effective of all ways of online promotions is the use of RiffRaters. This iphone app helps people to record and share their riffs with other iphone users, who listen to the music and rate them accordingly. The most rated tracks get higher up the rank.

Besides promoting your band online, you can also adopt the offline methods. Offline ways for promoting a band is very effective, but they are much costlier than the online methods. Offline methods of promoting a band consist of signing up with music production companies and releasing CDs of your music. But, the music production companies seldom permit any amateur band or musician for recording their music. You can also distribute your home made music CDs among the music lovers you know. This helps a lot, but it is definitely very expensive. Another great way of promotion of a band is printing T-shirts with the band’s name or photos on them and distributing them among the local people.

If you are willing to promote your band, you must follow the above steps. The offline methods for promoting a band may be a little costlier than the online promotion, but they are much more effective. The introduction of the iphone music app, RiffRaters has proved to be very effective in the promotion of a band.

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Marta Terry said...

I think those avenues work in tandem: offline and online, with none of them being superior over the other. But one must not take online presence in stride, which must eventually expand into marketing strategy. In the same way that a lot of trade and exchange is moving towards the net. It is paramount; it can't be further stressed.

Marta @ Canyon Marketing

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