Wednesday, 5 June 2013

MP3Sale……the prodigious mp3 music hub!!!

MP3Sale is a top-notch Russian online music store presenting a hefty set of over 1.5 million mainstream as well as non commercial tunes. A remarkable always–up-to-date catalog, reasonably priced tracks and a range of versatile payment options have made MP3Sale one of the outstanding music stores on the web.

Apart from these neat features, MP3Saleforum – its unique interactive environment – would be the most pleasant surprise for you. It’s a real cutting edge aspect of this site. After you try a track for 30 seconds free of cost, you can buy or skip it, and when you’ve listened to it, you can comment on or share your pulses with others in the forum. What's more, you can ask the Web master for new tracks and it’s a real exclusive feature from MP3Sale. MP3Sale maintains this privilege with great care and evaluates as well as acts upon your requests on a regular basis.

MP3Sale has one of the best and most impressive catalogs to be found on music sites. The entire catalog is categorized into Artists, Genres, Soundtracks and Compilations in alphabetic (A-Z) order and all these groups are updated and new tracks are added almost daily. MP3Sale reports the music world as well – news, latest updates, new releases, status of the charts and so on. You’ll find the US Top 100, UK Top 75 and DE Top 50 albums being regularly tagged on MP3Sale.

The amazing sound quality of the tracks has carved MP3Sale a prominent niche in the online music industry. The files are encoded using the brilliant LAME encoder and the alt-preset standard switch and you’ll practically find no less thrilling performance than from a CD. The majority of the tracks are encoded in Mp3 192 KBs - 320 KBs although you’ll occasionally find tracks made at 128 KBs. The music tracks download at very impressive speed and with the nice, idiot-proof interface, it’s a bliss to browse and download music from the MP3Sale.

With all these excitement and pleasure, MP3Sale charges just $0.15 per track irrespective of its length; and upon the order of a full album, you get a 20% discount on the total price. Besides, its safety is ensured by its legal authorization under the purview of the Russian copyright organization FAIR (Federation for Collective Copyright Management of Works Used Interactively) to offer music regardless of artist and genre. The sine qua non thus…..once you get yourself in MP3Sale, you would surely find it an enticing site to be bookmarked for good.

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