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The best music to help you sleep

Soothing, calming, relaxing music can help you slow down brain rhythms and achieve a deep sleep. It's no joke tossing and turning all night, your mind racing with a myriad of unwanted thoughts. Problems become amplified at night and grow out of proportion causing insomnia and sleepless nights. You can use music to aid you in achieving a good nights sleep, and the best music to suit you will undoubtedly be that which has a slow, gentle melody.

Popular sleep inducing music can be found in the form of binaural beats, which calm brain frequencies and sooth brainwaves. Binaural music is easily purchased over the Internet, or is available to buy in many health-food shops, or those geared towards customers emotional well being and mental health.

If binaural beat music seems too much like a new age therapy to you, which is something you're not in to, consider choosing other types of slow, gentle music to help you nod off. We've always known that such music can help with the achievement of wonderful sleep, which is why humans have sung children lullabies for hundreds of years. There's no reason why you can't find more grown up forms of lullabies to provide you with a healthy nights rest.

The music you choose will depend greatly on your personal taste. Whether you're a heavy metal fan or a lover of classical music, there's plenty of music for you to make your choice from. Handles Water Music is popular for inducing sleep, as is oriental instrumental music. Picking music which fits in with the type of music you usually like, will help sooth you, rather than grate on your nerves.

Fast music should be avoided, as it stimulates brainwaves and increases adrenalin. The best music to help you sleep will have deep tones, as opposed to high pitched ones, and have gaps in-between beats, encouraging you to match your breathing with it's slowness.

Consider the types of instruments which you best feel promote a feeling of peace and tranquility. It could be the the mournful, dulcet tones of slow saxophone music that makes you feel relaxed, or gentle, tinkling stringed instruments which leave you feeling content and sleepy. Instruments to avoid are often those which bang, as opposed to lilt. Drums and cymbals, for example, are not good providers of peaceful music which could lull you into a state of sleep.

Music which is best to help you sleep is that which gives you pleasure while calming your nerves, and leaving your mind soothed and contented. Hypnotic rhythms, slow binaural beats and gentle, deep toned instruments are generally used in good musical creations which will provide you with sleep.

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