Wednesday, 2 January 2013

With Sirius Portable Satellite Radio You Can Have Your Music, News, Or Talk Radio Anywhere

Do you remember the days when it was almost impossible to be able to listen to a good mix of the music or other radio programming that you wanted anywhere and anytime? I do, and believe me if you value your news and talk radio the way that I do it is a time that you do not want to return to. In those days I spent more time flipping channels and between AM and FM to try and be able to access the content that I desired than I did listening. Since Sirius portable satellite radio entered the mix a few years ago this is no longer a problem.

I absolutely love being able to have instant access to news, music, or talk radio at any time. I personally use the Sirius Stiletto 2 which provides me with more features than I could ever use. This thing brings me all of the programming crystal clear no matter where I am. This Sirius portable satellite radio makes the trip from my house to my car to my job everyday.

The whole family enjoys the satellite radio when it is at home. My wife enjoys listening to Martha Stewart Radio, my kids love the Disney programming, and on the rare occasion that I get my hands on my Sirius portable satellite radio at home I get the news and talk radio that just is not available on the FM or AM dial.

This thing is also priceless on the commute. I spend at least 2 hours per day in my car on the way to and from work driving through mostly rural areas. If it were not for this Sirius radio I would have to change radio frequencies several times to find the programming that I want, if I could find it at all.

My favorite feature on this Sirius portable satellite radio is the built in mp3 player. Like most people I have my favorite talk radio hosts and newscasts that I feel like I have to hear everyday. With the Sirius Stiletto 2 I do not have to be by the radio when they are on. With this Sirius portable satellite radio I can record up to 100 hours of programming! So if I have to be in a meeting or doing honey dos I just set my Stiletto 2 to record my favorite programs so that I can come back and listen to them when it is convenient for me.

This Sirius portable satellite radio can be purchased in a package that includes the home or car installation kit or can be purchase as a stand alone unit. I personally have found it well worth my money to purchase the Stiletto 2 with the available car kit. I also added on the home kit to complete my ability to use this great satellite radio everywhere. There are also many other great accessories available for this receiver.

As you know there is a small monthly service fee to access the Sirius satellite radio network but I have found it well worth my investment. For the price of about one and one half lunches at McDonald's I am able to pick and choose between over one hundred channels that deliver content that you just cannot find on the AM FM radio consistently.

As this is a review I should point out the bad points of a Sirius portable satellite radio, but I honestly have no complaints with my device or service. I could not be more satisfied. If you are passionate about the quality of information or music that you receive on the radio this is the only way to go.


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