Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Music Has an Inexplicable Power to Shape Behavior And Influence Actions

The music has an inexplicable power to shape behavior and influence actions
Of course the answer is yes. It is very difficult, almost impossible to find a human being who does not like music. It may not even like rhythm or another, but always feel happy to hear some kind of rhythmic sound in any musical style.

We do not know why, but we are sure that the rhythmic sounds directly affect the behavior of humans. Newborn babies already show behavioral changes when exposed to the sound of music, Haitians go into a trance at the sound of African rhythms and military seem to take more aggressive stance on the march to the sound of songs of victory.

 In the Western World music has played specific roles in various human activities such as bedtime children to dance, tell stories, celebrate special events, increase product sales, entertain, heal and pray, announce events, the courage to raise a war, and up to increase productivity in industrial production lines.
In a survey of a large university, many people responded that the music helps create a certain atmosphere that influences mood and feelings, then believe that it is not ignored the power of music on behavior, although few people reflect about it .

 What we want to emphasize here is that music, which most often is seen simply as a fun hobby or something innocent can influence in important decisions. Groups of people or large portions of humanity have been affected by techniques of behavior change that has music as its main tool. Whether the letter is the rhythms and instruments used or the two combined music is not ignored by major marketers.

Can you imagine a commercial for Coca Cola without music?
Can you imagine a romantic scene in a movie without music?

 We will not deal here with legends such as the so-called Mozart effect, which promised to make babies smarter through listening to music of great masters like Mozart effect, moreover, that must have generated big profits for companies that sell CDs with titles like "Build Your baby's brain through the music of Mozart. "
 Our mind has great power to memorize sounds and associate them with moments and past events, look at the vignettes played before some of the novel or the evening news, are always the same, and they know that even before the announcement, which next TV programming.


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