Monday, 11 February 2013

Sao Paulo - The City Of Love Dance and Music

Sao Paulo Carnival – This annual event held every February is much awaited by the locals. As compared to the carnival in Rio de Janeiro this is much smaller and cheaper. It is celebrated on the Friday and Saturday night of the week of Carnival, as opposed to Rio’s Carnival, which is held on Sunday and Monday night. If traveling on a small budget to Brazil then catch the carnival in Sao Paulo as the best airfares are offered on the flights to Sao Paulo. The highlight of the carnival is the samba schools competing against one another. The colorful parades and floats are a sight to remember. The samba schools select their own themes which are mostly based on historical happenings or some sort of political or cultural movement.

It’s all true Film Festival - This festival takes place simultaneously in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro from March 22 to April 1, 2012. The festival screens almost 100 titles in a competitive program for Brazilians and International short and feature documentaries. Most international film enthusiasts take advantage of the cheap airfares offered by cheap flights to Sao Paulo at this time of the year to visit this film extravensa.

The Natura Nos Festival – The famous Brazilian music show is held annually in May where all the renowned Brazilian groups showcase their music talents for all to enjoy. It is held at the Sao Paulo Jockey Club.

The São Vito (or San Vito) Festival –
This is one of the important festivals of Sao Paulo. Held between May and June every weekend is a party. It is a major festival for the large number of Italians in Sao Paulo. Evening parties every Saturday and Sunday during typical Italian food, dancing and music along Rua Fernandes Silva is the highlight of the festival which is enjoyed by all music and food lovers.

The Spirit of London –
Being a global city the youth look forward to this night held in March. It is one of the biggest electronic music festival in Brazil held at the Sambodromo, Parque Anhembi. International DJ’s host this night club into the early hours of morning.

Gay Pride –
This Brazilian city accepts all with a big heart and hosts the largest gay pride parade in the world held in São Paulo on Avenida Paulista. The event is held in May but the date varies from year to year.

Sao Paulo Fashion Week- High on fashion this city has its own fashion show twice a year in January and June. Originally called Morumbi Fashion Brazil it features many top designer names is yet another popular event which attracts visitors across the globe.

As the year goes on many more festivities are planned with never a dull moment to spare. So get your hands on a good cheap tickets to Sao Paulo and get packing.


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