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Shakira, Gogol Bordello, D.J. Shantal and some Gypsy history with a song -- all about the Romany people

The Gypsy song has been always quite popular. With all the hype lately around the rediscovery of Gypsy music, groups like Gogol Bordello, Gypsy bands from Eastern Europe like the Taraf of Haidouks, Fanfare Ciocarlia or singers like Shakira performing Gypsy songs reminded the world the passionate music of the people called Gypsies.. D.J. Shantel from Germany also brought to the public Gypsy music by his Award winning mix of Gypsy songs.

The good news about it is that the little known Gyspy nation and its rich, colorful, fabulous culture gets exposure and is saved from being the anonimous entertainer that it has been until now and that an individual artist performing Gyspy music will have a chance to personal recognition.

From Shakira to the original Gypsy songs there is a history of centuries.
The formal terms for Gypsies are: Romani, Romany, Roma, Roms, Romane. Romany people resent being called by the various names given to them in the national languages of the countries where they are settled. As an example: in Hungary they are called ciganyok, in Romania : tzigani. A better known name for Gypsies is Gitano, the Gitans or Gitanos -- from the name used in Spain.

I will use the more known name of Gypsies, not out of respect but because that is how most of the people in the world would search for them on the net. Gypsy is a beautiful word anyways, a symbol for the freedom of spirit withstanding against all odds.

Gypsies are a colorful and happy people. The history of Gypsies as a nation is little known as they have no country to call it their own and have no financial/political support that a comprehensive scientific project would require as the Gypsy history covers a space and time too wide to be easily researched. It all started long before Shakira was born, or Gogol Bordello were playing Gypsy.

The Romale worldwide have an unifying Anthem known under the names Gelem Gelem, Jelem Jelem, Djelem Djelem, Dzelem Dzelem.
Gypsy caravan photo by imthehoneybee on Photobucket.

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