Monday, 25 March 2013

Exclusive Dido Chats About Motherhood, Kendrick Lamar, and Returning After a 5-Year Hiatus

The singer with the voice to ease the wildest of beasts has returned as radiant as ever. English chanteuse Dido has embarked another adventure for her fourth album Girl Who Got Away, dropping in the U.S. this week, after herself getting away for close to five years since her last album, 2008's Safe Trip Home.

While we may have not heard much from the singer in recent years, she had been slowly working on her latest album, gradually releasing new songs via the internet and on film soundtracks. Most notably, her song "If I Rise" with A.R. Rahman was nominated for the "Best Song" Academy Award for the 127 Hours soundtrack in 2010. But the biggest life change Dido for was that she gave birth to her first child Stanley (no relation to the Eminen track "Stan" that featured her vocals) in 2011 with husband Rohan Gavin.

Dido's new album is as rich and ethereally transporting as you can imagine, with standout tracks like the disco-y "Love To Blame" (that's just itching for a dance floor banger remix), her collaboration with hip-hop's next superstar Kendrick Lamar for her song "Let Us Move On", and her single "No Freedom" that evokes an ever-so-slightly Bob Marley-esque brand of liberation. She's held onto the sound that made her a star, but the evolution in her songwriting is apparent and she hasn't missed a step.

The stunning Dido (really, she looks downright flawless in person) sat down with Yahoo! Music recently to talk about recording Girl Who Got Away with her brother, motherhood, hip-hop, her least favorite dessert, and indulges us in some word association. Enjoy!

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