Friday, 29 March 2013

Nicki Minaj Threatens That No ‘Idol’ Contestant Will Get The Judges’ Save This Year

On "American Idol's" top 10 results show, Nicki Minaj made it abundantly clear that she'd wanted to use the Judges' Save on her favorite male singer of Season 12, Curtis Finch Jr. But since the use of the one Save of the season must be a unanimous decision, and the judges weren't in agreement that week (are they ever?), Curtis went home in 10th place. Back then, Nicki complained on the air that she wished she'd had more time to debate the matter with her castmates, and she even said she would quit the show if Curtis left.

Fast-forward two weeks later, and Nicki is of course still on "Idol." And the Save still hasn't been used on any contestant--not even on this week's talented castoff, Devin Velez, despite Mariah Carey's teary-eyed reaction to Devin's elimination and Ryan Seacrest's disappointed gasp of "wow!" when he learned that the judges weren't going to save Devin. And now it seems like Nicki wants to make sure the Judges' Save never gets used, since it wasn't given to her favorite contestant--if her recent angry tweets are anything to go by.

"If Curtis didn't get SAVED, NONE of u get saved! Best male voice of the SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!" Nicki tweeted Friday, implying that every Judges' Save deliberation will end in deadlock from now on. Nicki also dismissed the entire notion of the Save, saying, "America r the 'potential' fans...u MUST win them over. 'Saves' are bulls*** and they know it. Those girls are just too good this year."

Most of Nicki's irate Twitter comments actually seemed directed right at Devin, presumably because he defended himself in the press after Nicki blasted his group performance this week with Burnell Taylor and Lazaro Arbos (who also landed in the bottom three). Devin even told one reporter that Mariah had said it was the "wrong decision" not to save him--one of several comments that may have gotten back to Nicki and stirred her wrath.

"Lol. Be mad @ AMERICA when u get sent home. The JUDGES are the ones who FOUGHT for America to get the opp to VOTE 4 U!!!…Send the judges some flowers and a card…Trust me BEW BEW. If EYE didn't want u in that TOP, YOU wldnt have been in that TOP. Fought for ALL of you. So just simply b gracious," Nicki ranted on Twitter.

Devin later tweeted, "That moment when an adult stoops down to the 3rd grade level... LOL grow up Hun, I've got songs to write. :) #movingforward"--though it wasn't entirely clear if the "Hun" in question was Nicki.

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