Wednesday, 6 March 2013

How Loudspeakers Work To Make The Music We Want To Listen To.

Speakers work by reproducing sound from electrical signals to audible sound and they vibrate air around the speaker when the electric current passes through. This is why when you stand or sit near very large speakers, you can feel vibrations coming from the speakers. There are many types of speakers and there are speakers for many types of audio system, so you should look for the particular type of speaker that will best suit both your requirements and your audio equipment.

Basically, speakers consist of many parts including a pair of magnets, spider suspension, cone, voice coil, diaphragm, dust cap and framework. Inside the speakers there are drivers which are used to project different frequencies and these are woofers, tweeters and midrange. Woofers project the lower frequencies, midrange drivers as their name suggests, replicate midrange frequencies and tweeters produce the high end frequencies. As a result, the size of these drivers varies with woofers being the largest and tweeters being the smallest.

This makes perfect sense because high frequency sound moves more quickly and as such the vibrations are faster so a large diaphragm takes longer to make the movements and is better suited to producing lower frequency sounds and this is why woofers are largest. There are of course more drivers that can be used to produce further ranges within the frequencies and these include subwoofers, mid bass drivers and super tweeters. These drivers allow more clarity of the sound being produced as the range of frequencies is larger. Obviously, the more types of driver that is included in the speaker, the better the sound quality and this is what makes the difference between a mediocre and a great set of speakers. The best speakers make you feel as if you are actually there and these will be the ones that have the greatest number and selection of drivers.

Often choosing speakers is dictated by budget and those with the highest specs are the most expensive, however, these will give the clearest and most authentic sound. At the lower end of the spectrum where the drivers are very basic the sound may be muffled, crackly or have other contaminants which will spoil your enjoyment of what you are listening to. Most of us have to make a compromise and choose speakers that are mid priced but you can still have some really excellent quality sound if you take some time to choose carefully. Go and listen to the sound that comes out of the speakers so that you can hear for yourself what the quality of the sound is.

Look at reviews online, weigh up the pros and cons so that you can make an informed choice and find the best quality speakers for your system. With the advent of home theatre systems, great quality sound is available for us all to enjoy. If you are particularly keen on watching movies and enjoying the whole cinema surround sound, then buy a great home theatre system. You will not regret it but you may if you choose a lesser sound system that does not quite give you what you want. There is enough choice on the market with many that have great specifications for the price, so set your budget and see what is available for you to choose from.

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