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A World Without Music

A World Without Music
Imagine it... a world without music. Do we even realize the importance of music in our lives? Just think of any social gathering you have ever been to, be it a bar, a club, a house party or just any place where a group of people have gathered to celebrate. I'm sure you remember the better times of these gatherings and what would it have been like without the sounds of music? Honestly, I don't think I would be able to live my life without music in it, would you?

From growing up playing the air guitar with your friends to getting your drivers license and cruising the streets and back roads
 swaying away as your favorite song at the time hits the radio. We can never know who the first person was who invented a musical instrument, but one thing is for sure, we all owe that person a great debt of gratitude! If we had no music in our lives then the world would have no soul.

Without music we would not sing or dance. No more listening to that break-up song as we contemplate what went wrong. Nothing helps in any situation like music does. When music has a part in your life at a particular moment in your life, the next time you hear that song playing you are transported back in place and time. Nothing in the world is quite like music.

That is the power of music, no matter if you prefer classic rock, heavy metal, jazz, disco, hip-hop or country. I'll give you an example to explain. My father passed away two years ago, God bless his soul. Afterwards there was a gathering at my home and as it wound down several relatives needed a lift home. When I jumped into my car the first song that came on was "God Gave Me Everything I Want" by Mick Jagger. Although I love Mick, to this day when I hear that song I have to turn it off as it reminds me of that sad time in my life. It's the only Stones or Mick Jagger song that I have done that to because it stayed in my subconscious mind.

The point I'm trying to make here is that the power of music has been in all our lives and has played a major roll in it whether we realize it or not. Go to any professional sporting event and the fist thing they play is the National Anthem, that's in any country. When the President of the United States appears any where they play "Hail To The Chief", again music. Go to church and the choir is there again with music. Go to a wedding and it is filled with music.

Over and over we see the importance of music in our lives and our very souls. It has always been there but sometimes we take for granted what a powerful tool it has been in shaping our daily lives. So the next time you're listening to that favorite tune that's whisking you away to another place and time just stop to think what a world would be without music!

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